In a little pond somewhere beyond the hills,
lived a duck…
Dusty the ducks little pond
Dusty the duck flying dragonfly
Dusty the duck waving hello
DUSTY, the duck.
actually, I’m still a duckling.
Dusty the duck with his family in a crayon drawing
In order to become a duck, I still have more to learn. Would you help me learn?
You would?
Dusty the duck drawing with crayons
In order to learn we’ll need our…
and some
We will need…


White cup with a teal background


Comfy blanket on an orange background

& a pair of

Grownup shoes with a pink background
It’s your turn now! Go and gather all the items we will need. Be sure to ask for help if you need it!
Got all the items?
Dusty the duck's footprints
Since I’m only a duckling, I’m still learning how to quack properly, just like how you learn new words everyday!
Dusty the duck saying Hiya to a friend in a crayon drawing
Ducks quack to talk with other ducks around them. Think of it like calling out a friend’s name to say hi.
Can you show me how to
Grab your favorite cup and give your best quack inside!
Really put your heart into it!
Dusty the duck quacking into a cup
Listen to that echoing quack!
So much louder when you do it inside that cup.
So that’s how it’s done! Now we can quack with…
Frog sleeping with mouth open
Next, I need pointers on my wingspan.
The wingspan of a duck is the length between the tips of our wings. Mallard ducks, like me, grow up to have a wingspan of three feet! Between both of your arms, you probably have a wingspan of that size too!
Mallard measuring its wingspan in a crayon drawing
Can you show me your
Grab that blanket, one end in each hand. Be sure to place it on your back like duck wings. Now open up your arms like you are going to give someone a biiiiiiig hug!
Dusty the duck showing blanket wingspan
Really stretch those arms out and imagine that blanket is full of feathers!
What a big wingspan! It’s like we’re all…
Frog hiding under a comfy blanket
Now let’s take the next step with some facts about webbed feet…
Dusty the duck showing off his webbed feet in a crayon drawing
Having webbed feet helps me paddle around. Also, it helps me keep my balance in slippery, muddy places near the water where ducks like to live.
Could you put the grownup shoes on your feet? Great! Can you show me how you would swim with those
webbed feet?
Move your feet up and down like a flipper in those grownup shoes! Imagine you are waving goodbye with your toes!
Dusty the duck wearing grownup shoes
The webbed feet I have are floppy like those grownup shoes! That helps me kick extra far in the water.
Awesome! Now we’re really…
Frog sitting with grownup shoes
Hey, while we’re in the water, let’s hold our breath and dive into the next fact!
When ducks dive, we hold our breath so we can look for food! We’ll take a dive and nibble on the delicious bugs and plants that lay below.
Dusty the duck eating in a crayon drawing
But right now I’m not very good at holding my breath for diving… Can you show me how to
hold my breath?
Breathe in deep like you are going to blow out candles—BUT WAIT, hold it for three seconds!
Dusty the duck holding breath underwater
One, two, three! Super! You’d never be a hungry duck with those diving skills and now I won’t be either.
Those bugs we eat sure are…
Frog swimming and holding breat
Let’s hop out of the water now! It’s time to shake, shake, shake those feathers!
Dusty the duck shaking feathers crayon drawing
Us ducks have a special oil on our wings that makes them waxy! This keep some water out of our wings so we can dry off quickly by shaking!
When getting out of the water, ducks need to shake off their wings. Can you show me how to
Dusty the duck drying off
I hope you’re still wearing that blanket like duck wings! Give that blanket a nice shake in your arms.
Now we’re all dry and ready to explore…
Frog wet with water from swimming
We’ll need to put that blanket to use one last time though, I want to learn how to fly!
When ducks take flight, we flap our wings all the way up and all the way down. This helps us fly long distances during migration.
Dusty the duck as Vitruvian duck in a crayon drawing
Can you show me how to
Give those blanket wings your best flap! Up and down, up and down!
Dusty the duck flying
Woah, You’re almost taking flight there!
Keep up those flaps and look at us…
Frog laying facedown
Thanks for showing me all those ways I can grow up to be a duck! I don’t really feel like a duckling anymore…
Dusty the duck standing confidently
Now I really am…
DUSTY, the duck.

Come to think of it, you look like a duck too! Now you can quack, swim and flap just like a duck anytime you want with that outfit.

Dusty the duck with a frog celebrating
And the next time you see a duck, you’ll know exactly why they act the way they do!
Pile of assorted crayons dragonfly

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